Gather Valuable Feedback Using Surveys with Engaging Designs

Gather Valuable Feedback via Surveys Using Survey Anyplace

The new ways being integrated in the sects of education has modified ways of communicating, assessing and other practices that are being conducted by educators around the globe.

Survey Anyplace is a survey software application that is based completely online. This means you can log into your account from any browser to create and distribute surveys. Another benefit is that the software is maintained in the cloud, updating automatically, so you do not need your own IT department to fix bugs or manage the software. Speaking of surveys, the tool provides such an interface that educators can easily use the tool to create exercises and practice tests for students and deliver them easily.

Pain Points/Needs:

Exercise, Quiz & Poll Creators; Game-Based Learning; Question & Answers


iOS, Web Android, Desktop


It’s easy to start with the platform. Users simply have to register the email and create a password and you’re good to go. Survey Anyplace’s engaging designs make students more willing to answer all of the questions asked. This means that educators can get valuable feedback and cater to the individual student needs.

Through careful application of game elements, incentives, and two-way communication, educators can use Survey Anyplace to not only question their students, but start a conversation. In addition to quizzes and surveys like exercises, educators can use Survey Anyplace for voting, training evaluations, and much more. With its responsive design, Survey Anyplace looks good on computers, tablets, and smartphones which give you the access and mobility for any activity that needs to be conducted. This means you can engage your students at home, special educational sessions, or anywhere else.

This software has fun features you can add to give your surveys an added level of customization.


Free plans are available. Free Professional plan for teachers.

The premium account is chargeable as follows:

- Essential $29 per month

- Professional $49 per month

- Enterprise on request


The tool is apt to be used for creation of classroom quizzes, teacher evaluations and various types of assessment of practices. Survey Anyplace focuses on creating fun, mobile and interactive quizzes & surveys. This is the kind that allows educators to engage with students and leaves room for addressing the individual needs. These modern-looking surveys entice respondents, and are easy to interact with, using the latest mobile features–just like your audience. And you get more and better feedback. This easy way to get the feedback makes it a must pick.

Our Review:

In our opinion, Survey Anyplace is a good tool for educators to incorporate in their teaching practices. The option to create fun, mobile and interactive quizzes & surveys helps in engaging students with various exercises.  These modern-looking surveys/exercises entice students, and are easy to interact with, using the latest mobile features. And with such amazing features, easy interface and cool exercises you get more and better feedback!   


Check out this webinar and learn how to create a truly engaging survey with this tool. Educators can use the same way to create engaging practices for students. 

Share your experience with the tool in the comment section below. 

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