Get Teachers & Students Organize Thoughts With this App - Taskade!

Get Teachers & Students Organize Thoughts with this App - Taskade!

Did you know an average person has about 70,000 thoughts a day?

That’s quite a figure right? And it also pretty much sums up why as an individual - be it a teacher or a student is bound to struggle with personal organization as random thoughts keep ticking the brain. Moreover, adding to the woe is the busy schedule which again leads to scattered thoughts.

Reading it, you must be wondering is there a solution to resolve such an issue?

Yes, with technology getting smarter and transforming life, one does find an effective solution to resolve this particular issue in a fun and friendly way. Taskade is designed exclusively to help Individuals organize thoughts effortlessly. Using this application, teachers and education leaders can make lists, capture ideas and collaborate with groups to advance work productivity. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Let’s dive in to explore more facets about this application that makes it a needful solution.


Taskade is a simple and gratifying application that allows users create checklists, outlines and notes. Whether one wants to tick off daily goals, manage a group project, plan a holiday- getting organized with this platform is easy.

Similarly, when it comes to teamwork a lot depends on collaboration and how everyone in the team work together to accomplish a task or project. This application is just the right tool any person working team requires for it gives the option to edit content together in real time, manage tasks in group as well as brainstorm live through chat facility.

Users can operate this application individually or as a team from home, workplace or anywhere at any time. Further, the tool’s automatic sync option keeps lists and notes up-to-date always on every device.

How Can Education Institutions Make Best Use of Taskade?

1) Teachers can make use of Taskade to create a workspace for their students. Students will however be able to view task lists, notes and assignments created by their teacher only when they join the workspace.

2) Further, teachers can also assist students use Taskade to create shared task lists and collaborate on homework assignments, group projects and many other related activities.

For more details on how you could use this tool, refer to the training video mentioned below to guide users on how to use the tool.

Pain Point/Needs- Classroom Management, Group Communication, Note Taking, Student Information Systems, Student Organizers, Text Editors, To-do-lists.

Platform Compatibility- The application is available for iOS and Android based devices. Desktop Apps are also available for Mac and Windows.

Further, the browser extension of the product can also be used for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Pricing- The tool is free to use with unlimited task lists and collaborators. The professional version is optional and comes with many advanced features.

Unique Features of Taskade

  1. New Tab into a Beautiful task list
  2. Collaborate with others in real time
  3. Share your task lists instantly using a share link
  4. Mark any items as Complete, Whether bullet, Number or Checkbox
  5. Infinitely Nested lists with indent/outdent
  6. Tag and filter tasks using #hashtags and @mentions
  7. Automatic syncing between your phone, tablet and computer
  8. Simply click to edit, like a text document
  9. Inspirational Wallpapers and photos
  10. Beautiful and minimal interface
  11. Simply click to edit, like a text document
  12. Inspirational wallpapers and photos
  13. Beautiful and minimal interface
  14. Simple, instant and Free

Although one may find a host of online mindfulness productivity and to do list apps yet Taskade remains a standalone tool because of various reasons. One among them is the simplified user interface which appeals every user. Besides, the detailed attention paid by the designers in creating a simple yet elegant tool is another appealing factor of the application which sets the tool apart from other similar apps.

The major thrust of the application is the collaborative features added to it. These features help users smoothly share lists with other team members, or copy a link and share it with others. Considering the global learning environment, the live chat feature of Taskade helps one to go for live chats to collaborate with anyone situated anywhere and at any time.

Thus, the easiest and friendliest way to organize thoughts and supercharge productivity is by using this stellar tool to grab great value in return. We recommend, sign up Taskade for free of cost and check out the benefits of using this tool on your own.

Do not forget to drop your comments on how you found the tool after using it.

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